Visiting Phase 2

J. Gazebo View to Field Rd

Picture J1

J1 - Gazebo donated by Weeders and Diggers Society of Kelowna.

Picture J2

J2 - View of Pinnacle Rock and Layer Cake Mt. from Gazebo Lookout.

Picture J3

J3 - Rock Ovens caves in Gallagher’s Canyon.

Picture J4





J4 - Gallagher’s Canyon. Visit this site off the main Greenway at the bottom of the hill below the Gazebo, while traveling upstream. See the canyon, the rock oven caves and the honeycombed wall. Estimate the height of this cliff using the person at the creek’s edge.


J5 - Unusual honeycombed erosion pattern probably created after the last ice-age when Mission Creek flows are estimated to have been 5 times greater than the present annual peak. Photo taken at the Rock Ovens site in Gallagher’s Canyon.