Visiting Phase 2

I. Grasslands View to Gazebo View

A new viewing platform has been added to the Grasslands. Interpretive panels will be installed soon in this location!
2014 April on the Greenway 011      2014 April on the Greenway 015
Picture I

I1 - Mission Creek from the Grasslands Viewing area. How long will it be before the pristine view sees evidence of human habitation?

Picture I1

I2 - Grasslands on the Rim. Bluebunch Wheatgrass dominate the vegetation. Invasive St John's Wort (low brown bush) is spreading.

Picture I2

St John's Wort beetle on St John's Wort. Both introduced.

Picture I3

I3 - FOMC directors on a spring walk through the Grasslands and Montane Ponderosa Pine forest along the Rim trail.

Picture I4

I4 - Closed Oxbow in Mission Creek. Rim trail travels along escarpment in background through Grasslands area.

Picture I5

I5 - Rest in the Grasslands on the Rim trail.

Picture I6

I6 - View walking on Greenway along top edge of Gallagher's Canyon cliff while approaching Gazebo Lookout from downstream. See cliff in photo J4. Travelling upstream, this is your first look at Layer Cake Mountain and Pinnacle Rock.