Visiting Phase 1

F. EECO to Gerstmar Park

children's playing area

F1 - Children's play area

Picture F2

F2 - Viewing area for Kokanee Salmon Spawning Channel.


Picture F4

F3 - View upstream from blue bridge in background of F2.

Picture F3F4 - Spawning Channel 0.8 km long with a capacity of 25,000 spawning kokanee.

Picture F4
Picture F3
Picture F4

F5 - Several photos of Kokanee Salmon. Upper photo captures them moving into the spawning channel. Next photo shows females choosing nest sites and males pairing with them. Bottom photo of a brighter coloured & older male with a female.

Picture F6

F6 - Spawning channel intake settling pond and falls to deter kokanee from moving into pond.

Picture F7
Picture F7b

F7 - To the south and uphill from the channel, find several small ponds and many delightful walking trails.


F8 - Detour off Greenway for 1 block along Creekside Rd to Gerstmar Park.