Visiting Phase 1

D. Casorso Rd to KLO Rd

Picture D1

D1 - Casorso Marsh
The only section of Mission Creek that is not dyked for the stretch from East Kelowna bridge to Okanagan Lake. It represents a legacy of what the floodplain was like over 100 years ago.

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Picture D3

D2 - Father Pandosy Historic Site. Father Pandosy, an Oblate priest, ministered to natives and white settlers of the Okanagan Valley, beginning in 1859 and until his death in 1891.

Picture D4

D4 - Riffles & Bars
Riffles and bars provide small pools and other hiding areas to the creek that provide habitat diversity for a myriad of organisms.

Picture D5

D5 - Riffle created to produce an upstream pond that feeds water into an irrigation ditch.

Picture D6

D6 - Greenway Trail