Visiting Phase 1

B. Lakeshore Rd to Gordon Rd

Picture B1

B1 - This image is of the previous trailhead for the Mission Creek Greenway. This is being replaced with a parking lot and kiosk on the west side of Lakeshore Road at Truswell Road (latitude N49 50 33 and longitude W119 29 15). Note the Rules while on the trail and the 'You are Here' maps. This trail was constructed mainly by the Regional District for the Central Okanagan, from funds donated to the Friends of Mission Creek Society by the residents & merchants of Kelowna and surrounding areas. Enjoy!

Picture B2

B2 - Founding and long time members of the Friends of Mission Creek Society, Brenda Thomson, Marilyn Foster, Rhea Wiseman, Harald Hall, and spouses Wes Wiseman & Larry Foster.

"For the Friends of Mission Creek - the volunteers who dreamed this trail and then made it happen" (Inscription on the Friends Bridge (I6))

Picture B3a
Picture B3b

B3 - Photo looking downstream from the Gordon Rd bridge during autumn. Thirty years ago the gravel area in this part of the creek was red with over 3,000 kokanee salmon adults during spawning in September. Now few spawn here.